My art is inspired by the patterns and ceramic textures in Iran's ornate mosques.  I use all-over pattern and obsessive mark-making expressively, to create unhinged, out of control spaces.  My iconography over the years has explored neuroses of our times-- Islamophobia; the bombastic rhetoric between the U.S. and Iran since the 1979 Revolution; Orientalism and Occidentalism; and consumerism.  I have tackled these subjects with a satirical eye, a sense of irreverence, but also from a place of deep emotion.  Although I have been moving away (as a form of escape) from overtly political subject matter in recent years, my ultimate quest, regardless of subject matter, is to unleash Persian art's expressive potential, and to create a kind of Persian art that is unhinged psychologically and formally, and authentically individual.  

In all my work, Persian art influences merge into associations with Western and Far Eastern art histories.  The seamless global connections in my work underscore the relevance and connectivity of Persian art.  I pay tribute to this Iranian art history and visual culture that inspires me to no end, in the tile-like textures, complex juxtapositions of pattern, jewel-like colors, and flamboyant sensibilities.  At the same time, my work projects an art brut sensibility and a cartoonishness that contradicts the Persian exquisiteness, creating tension between the raw and the precious.  I eschew the poetic sensibility that so characterizes Persian art in favor of a more direct and visceral visual language.  Cacophony, rhythmic pattern and maximalism heighten drama and tension, and are visual tools that enable me to express dizzying phenomena that are beyond my control.