My art is deeply inspired by Iran's rich ceramic traditions and its ornate architecture.  Also influenced by German expressionism, NYC street art of the 1980s, and the flamboyance of Iranian humanity --my work is expressive, maximalist, and imbued with jolie-laide tension.  My priorities as a painter are not virtuosity or even form --but rhythm, viscerality, and an authentic sense of the hand and mind through tactile textures, layered marks, and a psychological visual vocabulary.   In all my work, Persian art influences merge into associations with Western and Eastern art histories and popular culture.  The seamless global connections in my work are meant to insert Persian art into visual dialogues, asserting its relevance and connectivity.   

My iconography over the years has explored neuroses of our times-- Islamophobia; U.S.-Iranian geopolitics; Orientalism; Occidentalism; and female consumerism.  I have approached these subjects with a satirical eye, but also from a place of deep and sincere emotion.  My bodies of work are not made "in a series":  they are the product of genuine longstanding obsessions and ideas that I keep returning to over long stretches of time.  With my more recent dancer imagery, I have been moving away from overtly political subject matter to escape depressing news.  My ultimate quest, regardless of content, is to unleash Persian art's expressive potential and to use it as a springboard for an original personal vision.